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Now on Sale- January at Lord & Taylor- The Shapewear Review is In! Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin Wins Against Spanx, Dr. Roy, and other Leading Slimmers

Now on sale!! Snag this Shapewear for Spring in Lord & Taylor now!!

This Season's Shapewear Review is In!
Plus Size Pick for Shapewear is…Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin!!

by Anne Wiess
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            We are all so excited about the Plus Pick for Shapewear, Skweez Couture, offering sizes up to 2x/3x!  The community has widely expressed their distain, for the retailer epic fail, at producing sufficient sizing and quality in slimming shape wear. As a result, we can’t help but to be thrilled about Skweez Couture! Every woman loves to look, and feel stunning, for every occasion. Enhancing one’s figure, at any body size, is an absolute essential.  Foundation shapewear transforms women’s bodies, and redefines shape. Shapewear enables women to break free from the constraints of fashion seam size, and body bulges!  It allows for true expression of fashion, and helps with any striking impression.

A Bit About Skweez Couture
Why it is the #1 Pick Over Spanx and Other Top Shapewear Brands
            Skweez Couture products help to give the appearance of a more slender and shapely body, while improving the way your clothes look and fit.  The styles are luxurious, affordable, sexy and innovative.  The extensive collection will consist of 25 pieces, with a platinum line to include 10 high-end pieces, and innovative control leggings.  All of the styles will retail between $29-85 with groundbreaking design and construction, to provide ultimate shaping and smoothing of the targeted zones.  Skweeze Couture uses seamless fabrics made of quality nylon and spandex that allow maximum shaping and ultimate support.
            Skweez Couture has improved the comfort, form, and style, of foundation shapewear.  A HUGE concern of shapewear consumers is having to exchange sizes due to fit, and try another size, from 2-4 times on average.  Unlike Spanx, Skweeze Couture's line, has slimming sizes that are true to fit, so rest assured you achieve the slender silhouette you want!  Having sizes petite to 2x is a heaven send in this industry.  Obviously woman with the most curves want to slim down, and Skweez into a fabulous foundation piece.  So why did the shapewear brands seemingly exclude this demographic!  Well not to fret because Jill Zarin’s exclusive Skweeze Couture line has our backs, and our butts!  

The Skivvy on Skweez, Spanx, and Other Leading Brands
            Spanx shapewear falls short of sexy wearable pieces that make a woman feel great. Materials “Power lace, and power mesh,” are reviewed as cheap, fall apart pieces, with sub par construction. I personally have pairs of spanx, that I do not wear due to preferring my body shape instead.  I also had to exchange 2 times, to acheive correct fit.  Spanx are known to create bulge around the legs and butt.  They are too constricting, even at correct and large sizes, and definitely don’t provide comfort nor that gorgeous glam feeling!
            Yummie Tummie is another brand consumers feel, fails to produce its promise to slim up your style.  They focus on more everyday tank and synch pieces.  These pieces however have unflattering strap and bust lines, and are made with fabrics that feel cheap, and destruct easily upon washing.
            Dr. Ray’s reviews are hit or miss.  While the deep plunge and halter bra are the two decently reviewed products at this retailer, the bras are said to lack support, and the straps on pieces, are too thick and unattractive.
            Nordstrom sadly does not carry plus size shapewear.  While Macy’s has a few plus items, that have consumers everywhere Screaming “Do not buy!”  Most of my readers had the same opinion as the official report, "Not for Plus People"!!  Those words were written all over dozens of their own reviews.
            Some turn to Victoria’s Secret for shapewear shopping and find limited styles and sizes that suit bombshell body types, and not the average woman wanting to Skweeze into that fabulous dress she bought.  Victoria Secret sizing only goes up to large and sometimes extra large.  Be very weary as online reviews from customers indicate a XL only fits a size medium to large at the most.  Reviews about VS Shapewear lament about corsets being too high, material rolling, and styles with cuts that promote unflattering and matronly panty lines.  This is disappointing form the pioneer of panty lines!  Their unwillingness to want to dress bodies larger than a size Large is beyond me, but what we do know is there is finally something, just for us!
            Thank you to Skweez Couture, for offering fabulous styles and sizes for all to enjoy!  Skweez Couture products create a more slender shape, and improve the way your clothes look and fit.  The styles are luxurious, affordable, sexy and innovative. Most shapewear is very costly, but the improved shape created, is priceless.  The inexpensive and fabulous option Skweeze presents, is almost too good to be true with prices starting at 29.00.  But alas, truth!  Skweeze wants every woman to feel like amazing versions of themselves, and knows fashonistas are in great need of fabulous fashion forward shapewear.  It is truly incredible, when a shapewear piece is fabulous enough to make you feel good under your clothes, as well as gives a confidence boost, that might just inspire you to wear these stylish pieces as separates.  Kudos to a fabulous line, which caters to all women; we shall all excitedly await its release in fall!  Fat & Fabulous cannot wait to bring you an exclusive photo campaign, featuring plus models, in Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin.  This editorial will feature stunning shapely, full figure bodies, and the #1 Plus Pick for foundation and shapewear, Skweez!  

Foundation Shapewear Basics
            Women look to depend on specialty pieces, like control camis, waist cinchers, and body shapers. Foundation pieces become staples, which give a smooth boost to any look!  Shapewear has progressed leaps and bounds in regards to structure, shaping, style, and function.  It has transformed from a supportive undergarment to couture foundation wear.  Fashionistas are happy to prance in sexy separates, and get comfy for day in bulge hiding basics.  Shapewear creates a sleek, sexy figure all around.  It smoothes out lumps and bumps, while eliminating panty lines, and supportively boosting the figure.  Foundation garments are often expensive, as most staples are.  Thankfully there some brands still dedicated to an affordable price point.  Shapewear is also a great alternative to procedural changes with less risk and less expense. With the right shapewear, you can wear that perfectly divine dress, clingy top and pencil skirt, with confidence.
            The shapewear offered at Skweez Couture is incredibly substantial, and stylish enough to be worn on its own. Skweeze allows all couture cuties look sophisticated and feel completely supported.  Women have endless shapes, and each deserves a great fit, and fabulous look that's just right for her. It is amazing how shapewear can transform your body, and your confidence!
            When Full Figured Fashionistas think about shapewear, in the past a few key experiences pour into mind.  The Muffin top, slip down, roll over, and bulge on legs and butt terrors in particular. We are no longer prisoners to Matronly Shapewear, and empty promises of slimming. It is now possible to be any body size and feel fabulous in your foundation piece, should you want to undress down to it!  Skweeze Couture offers Plus Size slimming styles, and haute leggings to make every body feel fabulous.  Thank you Skweeze for being amazing!

A little About Jill Zarin:
Jill Zarin, Owner of Skweeze Couture, Zarin Fabrics, writer, Author of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, and the star behind the Hit Bravo TV series, “The Real Housewives of New York City.” 

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Happy Halloween!!! DIY: Plus Size Chic Halloween Ideas!

Transform that plus size little black dress, into a spooky sheik costume!

      All right dolls, the time has come to masquerade as monsters and mummies, as Halloween is fast upon us! Every girl loves to play dress up, but lets cut the bologna, Halloween has become a hot cauldron of bimbo soup, an all of us have lost our appetite! Don’t spook into hiding this Halloween, strut your stuff with these quick, cheap,easy ways to muster up a fab costume, without having to break the bank, or be forced to wear an outfit that should have discretionary warnings. Plus size girls like to keep it modest, while most seem to showcase the bits, when given a social opportunity to do so. Keeping it modest, as oppose to a slutty fill in the blank costume, should not mean $100 spent just to cover a little more T and A. For designs that come in plus sizes...$$$$ beyond atrocious!! I say we ban together and start a DIY Halloween plus revolution!          
       Making costumes can range from super fast, and minimal, to very hard. Here you will learn super quick, easy, tricks that will help turn items in your closet, into fabulous Halloween costumes, through pairing with simple pieces!! Accessories, and inspired base pieces go a long way. The best example is the little black dress, and its endless potential transformation. A black dress can simply have accessories added, and become a witch, a flapper, a maid, a vamp, a demon, Goth, you name it, you can create it!! Try this on for size, the best accessory you don't have to buy that you can manipulate, is your make up! Wearing a simple black dress, with cute animal make up like a nose or whiskers, with curly hair, can be a fabulous home run!! I have included some great make up inspirations for basic animals to go fabulously with any LBD combo, and animal print shoe, scarf, or accessory.
     The flapper look is especially fab if you have any tiered or drop waist inspired base layer piece, and would look fab with black tights and pumps. A simple piece of thicker black fabric or ribbon can be tied around the head, and string of long costume pearls added, for a fabulous flapper touch, right from our own closet!! Take it up a notch by purchasing cheap accessories like a cigarette holder, or a little 20's inspired hairpiece! Have a fabulous and safe Halloween girls!! Check out my next post for a special Halloween shoot I prepped to style for tomorrow!
                                                          xo Anne~ Fat & Fabulous

Halloween Style Time!


                 Hello my lovelies!  Happy Halloween!!  Styling a few friends for tonight's festivities am just prepping my line up!  I brought the best 20's, 30's, and 50's hats, and accessories, that might be conceptually work for sheik costumes.  Accessories are really where you can turn any garment into an elaborate costume!  My collection is well seasoned as you know, so pulling insane vintage accessories, would only make sense to pair with sheik minimal garments.  The goal of the day, let the vintage pieces hold the spooky and sheik spotlight! I made sure to get stand alone accessories, and non vintage props from the local store, as options to wing little black dress costumes.  I also brought some period specific, and inspired garments that are not costumes, to sheik up the situation.  All's fierce this Vintage Hallows Eve! More photo's to come!!
                                          Xo Anne ~ Fat & Fabulous

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Head Turning Trends: Fall Runway

        Head Turning Trends for Fall: Runway
By Anne Weiss from Fat & Fabulous

      Let's face it, plus size retailers are not exactly breaking fashion forward ground, like some straight sized designers. As the looks for fall come rolling in, we see some fabulous trends, and we want the goods. How to get these head turning trends for next season on our budget, and in our size? With these looks, compiled from different plus retailers, inspired by all the haute runway trends! The array of color blocking, neon & neutrals, gradient hues, nautical, sunny stripes, empire sundresses, and pastels, delight us! The trends we see this summer and fall, have many vintage inspired silhouettes and cuts, with a modern updated edge.

      Neutrals with a pop of neon, gradient hues, and color blocking, are the latest buzz this blistering summer, so take advantage! Dresses with color accents, and gradients in just the right places, are perfect for creating the most alluring, allover look. Use this look to drive the eyes to the curves we love, creating the most flattering flaunt worthy fashion! Color Blocking with brights and neutrals, is a fabulous look for anyone! Tunics as shown below, provide a lot of coverage over separates. Shop this look at and

      The Aztec Bohemian lewk, is in every haute collection, coming up! The bohemian trend is one we see season after season. To obtain this edgy style, a few must haves must reside in every hipster’s wardrobe. A great selection of dresses that range from simple to elaborate patterns is essential. Dresses are the easiest garments to pair with, dress up, dress down, and are most versatile. Simple shapes allow you to use the dress as a pallet to layer or add to. As more color and fabric appear in a garment, more simple accessories should be incorporated.
      Other must haves include vests such as faux fur, crochet, denim, chiffon, and cut off styles. Vintage or like inspired belts, hats, and bags, are the easiest ways to tie any piece, into a hipster or downtown look. Billowy tops, tanks, tees, and shift dresses will also help you create that appeal. Don't be afraid to tuck billowy shirts, into fab skirts, and pair with a belt for a modern, yet vintage inspired look! Wedges, and flat slouchy booties are big this season, so get them while they're hot! Cardigans and scarves are total must haves for any modern fashonista! Make or break any outfit with this duo of tools! Accent, or change any look into a whole different one just with a sweater or a scarf! Having artillery in 4 basic colors is a good idea; go to colors are grey, brown, black, and white. Pairing one vintage, like inspired piece, or trend, with a current or modern garment, can create a fabulous Lewk lovechild. Stay chic, by making sure vintage accessories work with your style story. Your accessories and garments should never be in a screaming mach for attention!

      Brights & Pastels: every designer seems to be incorporating these into their collection, so take the hint! We see a trend uproar, in bold colours and pastels. This look is whimsical and flirty, yet striking! We see it all over the runway, including Gucci and Aquliano E Rimondi. This trend is the perfect excuse to lively up yourself, and your wardrobe, by sporting stunning bolds and pastels! Get these looks by pairing bold or pastel statement pieces from plus retailers, with accessories or cardigans, that have pops of colour as well.

      Nautical elements are ramped on the runway, but plain nautical stripes can be a slippery slope for full figures. Incorporate that look by adding elements of Navy style, like accessories, or a navy-blue belt on a white garment. With ChloĆ©, and Chanel, featuring nautical notions, and inspirations, we can’t help but want to jump overboard, for these designs! It’s a shame most designers don’t cater to larger sizes or the smaller budget! But how do you sport these styles without overstating the literal? Choosing one statement piece, and pair it with unlikely and fabulous accessories that scream effortless not Navy! Here are the finds, for plus retailer pieces, that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to achieve this trend!

      Military on Neural Territory? It’s true! Military trends are huge this season, and being paired with all the shades of neutral. Military remained one of designers' favorite trends, and therefore, it is back again for 2012. This seasons military chic, has fashion designers choosing neutrals and browns to complete their haute runway fashions. Get the look:,,

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The Dish: Summer Dress Staples!

The Summer dish is in! 
On this Anne's Style Scope: 
Haute Summer Dresses for Full Figure Fashionistas

We need comfy and fabulous, ‘go to’ looks for summer!  Summer style is a synch, with these slender styles!  Check it out!  We all want to have fun in the sun this season, but it can be difficult finding flattering styles to stay cute, yet comfortable!  Attain the Effortless style allure,  by dressing down for day in a casual dresses, or flowing separates!  Dress that dress down for day, with a casual cardigan and fabulous flat.  Neutral and brown flats and wedges are amazing tools to keep any lewk day appropriate.  Edge up your look for night, by adding short leather jacket, or cropped sweater!  Throw on a wedge or heel, to glam up those gams!  Keep accessories minimal and sophisticated for night.  Flattering and flirty styles for every size are described below.  Shop these styles and more from left Alloy, Torrid, Forever 21+, Nordstrom Plus, and Lane Bryant.


My Fat & Fabulous YouTube Video's!

Dress Shapes for Delicious Divas!

It is spring time, and we all want to start donning our old favorites and new designer dresses!  Make sure to re-use what you have this season by mixing it up, in new fabulous ways!  Pair a more baggy silhouette dress, with a belt or piece of fabric under the bust line, for an added flattering flare!  Create new shapes and effects, of your garment with accessories!  You can change or add to a look, simply by mixing up what you coordinate with it!  Edge up a dress for a night out, with your go to leather, short jacket.  Dress down for day, with a vintage inspired accent belt, cardigan, flats, or flat boots!  Dress shapes and silhouettes are key, for making sure your body is looking its most fierce!  A line silhouettes, halter,  empire cut dresses, along with shift, and maxi dresses are must have silhouettes for any pretty plus miss this Summer!

How to Pick a Dress for Your Body

A Line Shaped Dress Cuts- Flows out on the body like a capital A

Maxi Dresses
The Shift Dress

                                                                 The Empire Cut Dress
Drop Waist and Tiered Dress

   The Halter Dress with Empire cut                                      The Almighty Kaftan