Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 Plus Size Secrets- To help you dress you best!

  1. Monochromatic Lewk or darks. Black is very slimming but doesn't work every day, or for every outfit.  What does work is either dressing head-to-toe in one color or similar colors (navy with denim, chocolate with tan, etc.) Darker colors do make you look slimmer, but the darks can be midnight blue, chocolate brown or charcoal, not just black.
  2. Prints and Patterns. Don't underestimate how much the right size print can hide. The secret is to choose flattering prints that have more print than background. In other words, with a floral print, choose a big bloom print that is spaced close together with a minimum of background showing.  Native and tribal prints are an edgy boho way to turn your look from cruise ship moo moo to fierce patterned plus princess!  Look for dresses and flowy tops  in these large patterns and prints!
  3. Proportion. Flowy on top, tight on the bottom, or vice versa!  Pairing a flowy top with tighter jeans, or a fitting top with a billowing a line skirt can slim down any silhouette.  One of the key elements to looking great in any outfit is proportion: a balance that is pleasing to the eye. This goes for your accessories as well. Are they scaled to your size? A full-size woman with a tiny necklace or clutch can make the body seem bigger in comparison. It doesn't mean you have to oversize everything, just make sure accessories don't look lost on your body.
  4. Fab fit. Every garment can fit well no matter your size. Make sure your jeans are not too tight, get a size that is comfy.  Make sure they are not low rise, try to get high rise to help muffin spill over!  Make sure your jeans and jacket slevees are long enough, and tops are not too short.  Finding clothes that fit is a hard process, but don't settle, great fitting clothes can be a huge part of feeling great!
  5. Choose a feminine silhouette. Shapeless, billowy, or sack like clothing hides everything, EVERYTHING.  The good and the bad!  Use that notion to hide unwanted areas while extenuating the good ones.  For example on a baggy dress you can draw the bust line in under the breasts for a whole new feminine appeal! All it takes to reverse that is to outline the shape of your body: show a bust line, a waist and hips. Even something as simple as an unbuttoned jacket that is gently nipped in at the waist will look flattering. Avoid boxy or baggy pieces.
  6. Think fab. A fuller figure can sometimes make you look older, so be sure to add youth-inducing colors to your wardrobe like neon's and native neutrals for this season. Make sure to have fun and fab accessories.  Pick vintage inspired ones to remain edgy and youthful, while still upholding a professional and demure demeanor.
Know your Fabrics!
Fabrics that include stretch elements like nylon Lycra and spandex can help with create comfort and leeway in garments like jeans, jackets, and dresses.  Make sure you know fabrics that can love the plus size figure.  These fabrics include, spandex denim, Lycra tops, chiffon overlayed fabric, jersey knot drapes off the body, and taffeta and other like materials are thick ones that sit structured on top of the skin.