Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the Root of Every Plus Size Princess, Lycra Spandex Base Layers

Shape wear, spanx, girdles, and tummy tuckers are all fine and dandy for that one night of not eating or breathing!  How can we incorporate comfortable support found in shapewear into our daily lives?  Lycra and spandex base tank tops is how!!  Cheap stores like styles, rave, gap, etc, now and have been carrying long torso, (can stretch to part the butt easily), tanks that are the equivalent of stretchy strong base layers that act as control top pantie hoes.  These tanks come in every color under the sun, and truly provide a great base layer for any outfit.  They look very cute layered, together, and with separates.  Some come in halter or racer back form, while others have a built in shelf bra.  I use them for everything else such as a slip under dresses that stays put, and sucks in.  I even use them as great top for swimming to put over my bathing suit, and is as long as a tunic!  I have sworn by these tanks for over 8 years, and would die, just DIE without them!!  Putting a tight base tank under a flowy, billowy, or ruched top is a great way to marry tight and loose giving you the illusion of being as skinny as your base layer implies. =)