Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Sarong Affair

        Wrap your body in drapey flowing patterns this summer! Use a beautiful patterned or logo sarong to wear as a bathing suit cover up tube dress, skirt, shall, or halter! Sarongs are chap and fabulous ways to spice up your summer style while benefiting from the flattering form draped fabric takes on any curvy cutie! Make sure to grab one to throw in your beach or vacay bag; these are a go to item, with a million ways to wear them. For more fun in the sun with sarongs, try wearing them as a long boho headband, or using it for a blanket to sit on at the beach!

      Generally sarongs do not come with a closure mechanism, they are instead tied in a desired manner. Plus size sarong skirts and cover-ups can be purchased online, but I would suggest just getting a pretty one and googling the many ways you could tie them beautifully! The optimal length for a sarong is for it to come just above the knee if wrapped around the bust. You can get them a little longer, for a sexy beach maxi look that works amazingly for any beach night out or vaycay.