Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! DIY: Plus Size Chic Halloween Ideas!

Transform that plus size little black dress, into a spooky sheik costume!

      All right dolls, the time has come to masquerade as monsters and mummies, as Halloween is fast upon us! Every girl loves to play dress up, but lets cut the bologna, Halloween has become a hot cauldron of bimbo soup, an all of us have lost our appetite! Don’t spook into hiding this Halloween, strut your stuff with these quick, cheap,easy ways to muster up a fab costume, without having to break the bank, or be forced to wear an outfit that should have discretionary warnings. Plus size girls like to keep it modest, while most seem to showcase the bits, when given a social opportunity to do so. Keeping it modest, as oppose to a slutty fill in the blank costume, should not mean $100 spent just to cover a little more T and A. For designs that come in plus sizes...$$$$ beyond atrocious!! I say we ban together and start a DIY Halloween plus revolution!          
       Making costumes can range from super fast, and minimal, to very hard. Here you will learn super quick, easy, tricks that will help turn items in your closet, into fabulous Halloween costumes, through pairing with simple pieces!! Accessories, and inspired base pieces go a long way. The best example is the little black dress, and its endless potential transformation. A black dress can simply have accessories added, and become a witch, a flapper, a maid, a vamp, a demon, Goth, you name it, you can create it!! Try this on for size, the best accessory you don't have to buy that you can manipulate, is your make up! Wearing a simple black dress, with cute animal make up like a nose or whiskers, with curly hair, can be a fabulous home run!! I have included some great make up inspirations for basic animals to go fabulously with any LBD combo, and animal print shoe, scarf, or accessory.
     The flapper look is especially fab if you have any tiered or drop waist inspired base layer piece, and would look fab with black tights and pumps. A simple piece of thicker black fabric or ribbon can be tied around the head, and string of long costume pearls added, for a fabulous flapper touch, right from our own closet!! Take it up a notch by purchasing cheap accessories like a cigarette holder, or a little 20's inspired hairpiece! Have a fabulous and safe Halloween girls!! Check out my next post for a special Halloween shoot I prepped to style for tomorrow!
                                                          xo Anne~ Fat & Fabulous