Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the Root of Every Plus Size Princess, Lycra Spandex Base Layers

Shape wear, spanx, girdles, and tummy tuckers are all fine and dandy for that one night of not eating or breathing!  How can we incorporate comfortable support found in shapewear into our daily lives?  Lycra and spandex base tank tops is how!!  Cheap stores like styles, rave, gap, etc, now and have been carrying long torso, (can stretch to part the butt easily), tanks that are the equivalent of stretchy strong base layers that act as control top pantie hoes.  These tanks come in every color under the sun, and truly provide a great base layer for any outfit.  They look very cute layered, together, and with separates.  Some come in halter or racer back form, while others have a built in shelf bra.  I use them for everything else such as a slip under dresses that stays put, and sucks in.  I even use them as great top for swimming to put over my bathing suit, and is as long as a tunic!  I have sworn by these tanks for over 8 years, and would die, just DIE without them!!  Putting a tight base tank under a flowy, billowy, or ruched top is a great way to marry tight and loose giving you the illusion of being as skinny as your base layer implies. =)

Apple shape, Pear shape, Celery, oh my! Body Shape Shout Outs!

How to dress all depends on your body type. Plus size women, are suppose to fall neatly into one of 5 body types. Apple (waist thicker than shoulders and hips), Pear (Hips much wider than shoulders), Straight (shoulders, waist and hips all about the same size), Inverted Triangle (wide shoulders, hips narrower than waist) or Hourglass (shoulders and hips about even, small waisted).

Apples will want to extenuate features away from the waist. Finding flattering shapes for this fruit is all about having shape, but making sure its not tight! Choose fabrics that have weight, billow, flow, and don't cling. Me mindful of styles that draw attention to the waist, like belts, drop waist, designs, pockets etc around your middle. Make sure to show off those gorgeous gams, and beautiful bust, as they are an apple shapes best features!

Pears will want to draw attention away from their bigger hips, and leg region. A line cut Dresses with flared hems and full skirts look fantastic on you. Smaller fitted tops can create a slimming look throughout.  Long skirts, caftans, maxi dresses, and flare denim are especially essential for the pear body type! Pear types often have petite shoulder/collarbone area, so highlight your assets with slinky straps and halters!

Straight up and downs are actually already proportioned, just missing curves. Balance is key here, as neither the top or bottom should be extenuated. Fitted shapes fr the flat featured is a must!  Having structure in a garment can create shapes in the body to create an illusion.  Do this with corset tops, drop waist, and tiered dresses, as well as halter dresses.  Be mind full of shapeless silhouettes, as boxy dresses can loosely hang off you and make you look even less curvy. Low sling belts are out, and generally make the hips look wider.

Inverted triangles should have an A Line cut or shaped dress, bit of flare on the skirt, or on a jean and trouser. Wrap around dresses look great as they create soft silouettes that drape, and flatter every body with ample fabric!

Hourglasses should look for waist-defining styles. Anything with a belt looks great, and adding a belt to a garment can always be considered. Stay away from feature donning pieces, as you are balanced, so why not show it all off?!  Go feminine with dresses to give an easy treatment to a classy look and shape!

Summer Sarong Affair

        Wrap your body in drapey flowing patterns this summer! Use a beautiful patterned or logo sarong to wear as a bathing suit cover up tube dress, skirt, shall, or halter! Sarongs are chap and fabulous ways to spice up your summer style while benefiting from the flattering form draped fabric takes on any curvy cutie! Make sure to grab one to throw in your beach or vacay bag; these are a go to item, with a million ways to wear them. For more fun in the sun with sarongs, try wearing them as a long boho headband, or using it for a blanket to sit on at the beach!

      Generally sarongs do not come with a closure mechanism, they are instead tied in a desired manner. Plus size sarong skirts and cover-ups can be purchased online, but I would suggest just getting a pretty one and googling the many ways you could tie them beautifully! The optimal length for a sarong is for it to come just above the knee if wrapped around the bust. You can get them a little longer, for a sexy beach maxi look that works amazingly for any beach night out or vaycay.

Tips, Advice, and Secrets you ask? Learning to dress for our shape!

Here’s a few rules I advocate fat & fab diva’s never break!
1.   Accessories are best worn near the neck and sleeves. Scarves and longer necklaces can do marvels for that special outfit. These divert attention from problem areas, and move it toward the bust and empire waist.
2.   Do not highlight the problem areas, wherever they are for you, with color blocking, belts, bold prints, bright colors and accessories
3.   Thick Horizontal Stripes can be a NO NO.
4.   Make sure hemlines on skirts or trousers are proportionate or thick, but not too thick, and never thin!
5.   Shape and fit are the most important cards you can play.  Second come color and print/pattern.
6.   Tops that slightly cling to a waist to give a slimming silhouette. Too loose, however is potentially unflattering, and too tight is worse than anything in the world!
7.   Choose fabrics that fit great and are well constructed!!!!!  Should I repeat???  Fabrics that cling at the problem areas, are a problem.  Choose heavier, and more structured fabrics.  Yes they are more expensive, so shop thrift!! See my other blog  vintage perspectives for info =)
8.   The right hairstyle is also essential to completing your look, and adding a slimming illusion to your face.  My You Tube channel (link at top) has just what you need!  Visit episode 5 for tips on plus size hair!
9.   Wide-leg trousers: Can look great if they are fitted throughout the leg, are not too loose at the thigh portion of the body.
10. Fitted, flare, or boot cut jeans, create the most flattering appeal for the plus size body.  Denim with at least 2-5% spandex, will fit much better, be more comfortable, and will stay up better.
11. V-neck tops: This style of top elongates the neckline as well as accentuates the bust and narrowing of collarbone area.  This can also make shoulders appear les broad.
12.A-line skirts and dresses are amazing! This kind of skirt gives you the hourglass figure. It hides the heaviest set part of the body, the stomach, and buttocks.  A line dresses and skirts can look fabulous with virtually all wardrobe items, and flatters the figure like you wouldn’t believe.  For an example of A line and other flattering plus size garment shapes see my blog post below this one!
13.There are a million wonderful dress shapes for plus women, and I devoted a whole blog post to it, so please look below! =)