Monday, September 5, 2011

Head Turning Trends: Fall Runway

        Head Turning Trends for Fall: Runway
By Anne Weiss from Fat & Fabulous

      Let's face it, plus size retailers are not exactly breaking fashion forward ground, like some straight sized designers. As the looks for fall come rolling in, we see some fabulous trends, and we want the goods. How to get these head turning trends for next season on our budget, and in our size? With these looks, compiled from different plus retailers, inspired by all the haute runway trends! The array of color blocking, neon & neutrals, gradient hues, nautical, sunny stripes, empire sundresses, and pastels, delight us! The trends we see this summer and fall, have many vintage inspired silhouettes and cuts, with a modern updated edge.

      Neutrals with a pop of neon, gradient hues, and color blocking, are the latest buzz this blistering summer, so take advantage! Dresses with color accents, and gradients in just the right places, are perfect for creating the most alluring, allover look. Use this look to drive the eyes to the curves we love, creating the most flattering flaunt worthy fashion! Color Blocking with brights and neutrals, is a fabulous look for anyone! Tunics as shown below, provide a lot of coverage over separates. Shop this look at and

      The Aztec Bohemian lewk, is in every haute collection, coming up! The bohemian trend is one we see season after season. To obtain this edgy style, a few must haves must reside in every hipster’s wardrobe. A great selection of dresses that range from simple to elaborate patterns is essential. Dresses are the easiest garments to pair with, dress up, dress down, and are most versatile. Simple shapes allow you to use the dress as a pallet to layer or add to. As more color and fabric appear in a garment, more simple accessories should be incorporated.
      Other must haves include vests such as faux fur, crochet, denim, chiffon, and cut off styles. Vintage or like inspired belts, hats, and bags, are the easiest ways to tie any piece, into a hipster or downtown look. Billowy tops, tanks, tees, and shift dresses will also help you create that appeal. Don't be afraid to tuck billowy shirts, into fab skirts, and pair with a belt for a modern, yet vintage inspired look! Wedges, and flat slouchy booties are big this season, so get them while they're hot! Cardigans and scarves are total must haves for any modern fashonista! Make or break any outfit with this duo of tools! Accent, or change any look into a whole different one just with a sweater or a scarf! Having artillery in 4 basic colors is a good idea; go to colors are grey, brown, black, and white. Pairing one vintage, like inspired piece, or trend, with a current or modern garment, can create a fabulous Lewk lovechild. Stay chic, by making sure vintage accessories work with your style story. Your accessories and garments should never be in a screaming mach for attention!

      Brights & Pastels: every designer seems to be incorporating these into their collection, so take the hint! We see a trend uproar, in bold colours and pastels. This look is whimsical and flirty, yet striking! We see it all over the runway, including Gucci and Aquliano E Rimondi. This trend is the perfect excuse to lively up yourself, and your wardrobe, by sporting stunning bolds and pastels! Get these looks by pairing bold or pastel statement pieces from plus retailers, with accessories or cardigans, that have pops of colour as well.

      Nautical elements are ramped on the runway, but plain nautical stripes can be a slippery slope for full figures. Incorporate that look by adding elements of Navy style, like accessories, or a navy-blue belt on a white garment. With ChloĆ©, and Chanel, featuring nautical notions, and inspirations, we can’t help but want to jump overboard, for these designs! It’s a shame most designers don’t cater to larger sizes or the smaller budget! But how do you sport these styles without overstating the literal? Choosing one statement piece, and pair it with unlikely and fabulous accessories that scream effortless not Navy! Here are the finds, for plus retailer pieces, that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to achieve this trend!

      Military on Neural Territory? It’s true! Military trends are huge this season, and being paired with all the shades of neutral. Military remained one of designers' favorite trends, and therefore, it is back again for 2012. This seasons military chic, has fashion designers choosing neutrals and browns to complete their haute runway fashions. Get the look:,,